nc's fishing economy is failing. demand action.


NC Sound Economy

Protecting Your Right To Hunt & Fish In Our Beautiful Wildlife

NC's Fishing Economy is Failing. Demand Action.

North Carolina is clearly failing when it comes to protecting inland fisheries, a vital economic resource. NC Sound Economy is an expanding coalition of fishermen, business leaders and concerned citizens who want to end the unproductive fights over a shrinking number of fish. They want real solutions.

Reform Our Failing Fishery Management Laws

Year after year, our fish populations shrink, and regulatory actions mandated by the law make the problem worse. After two decades of failure, it's time to fix the law.

Grow The Entire Fishing Economy

The state's top priority should be sustainable economic growth

Streamline Decision Making

Regulatory decision making should be based on research, including peer reviewed fish population reports, the best economic models and input from North Carolina scientists.