nc's fishing economy is failing. demand action.


What is NC Sound Economy?

North Carolina is clearly failing when it comes to protecting coastal fisheries, a vital economic resource. All evidence confirms the state should have more fish in its vast sounds and coastal waterways. 

The decrease in our fish populations, and resulting economic loss, are directly attributable to a flawed state policy. Since 1997, all catch limits, allowable catch sizes and fishing seasons are set for one purpose – keep alive just enough fish to fill the nets of a select few fishermen. Thanks to the state’s prioritization of short-term harvest our fish stocks are failing.

That’s why it’s time for an effort that goes beyond narrow solutions and goes to the heart of the problem. We need to fix this failed state law and prioritize sustainable economic growth.

NC Sound Economy is an expanding coalition of fishermen, business leaders and concerned citizens who want to end the unproductive fights over a shrinking number of fish. They urge legislators to develop a real solution.