nc's fishing economy is failing. demand action.

Where We Stand

The fishing economy in North Carolina’s sounds is large and varied. It is also shrinking.

Unfortunately, the state’s management of this publicly owned resource has failed for decades. Instead of maximizing economic benefit and job creation, the number of fish has declined dramatically. Instead of thriving, most aspects of the fishing economy are struggling.

NC Sound Economy has a simple answer to this problem. The state must grow the resource and maximize its economic benefits.

Our policymakers must:

  • Follow science and data - NC Sound Economy has already compiled some of the most important research on our coastal fisheries. We will partner with elected officials to interpret the science and develop solutions that create jobs.
  • Work together  - The history of fisheries “reform” is one of fight after fight between user groups. NC Sound Economy will prioritize bringing together legislators and supporters of coastal jobs to find common ground.
  • Reform our failing fishery management laws - Year after year, our fish populations shrink, and it clear that our state’s fisheries management does not work. Legislators must develop a set of long-term reforms that improve decision making and lead to economic growth.