nc's fishing economy is failing. demand action.

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Stand with NC Sound Economy

The fishing economy in North Carolina’s sounds is large and varied. Commercial fishermen benefit directly from their catches. Recreational anglers create travel, tourism and manufacturing jobs. Seafood consumers drive demand for local catch.
Unfortunately, the state’s management of this publicly owned resource has failed for decades. Instead of maximizing economic benefit and job creation, the number of fish has declined dramatically. Instead of thriving, most aspects of the fishing economy are struggling.

NC Sound Economy has a simple answer to this problem. The state must grow the resource and maximize its economic benefits.

NC Sound Economy believes the legislature should:

  • REFORM our failing fishery management laws –Year after year, our fish populations shrink, and regulatory actions mandated by the law make the problem worse. After two decades of failure, it’s time to fix our failed laws.
  • GROW the entire fishing economy – The state’s top priority should be sustainable economic growth. 
  • STREAMLINE decision making –Regulatory decision making should be based on research, including peer reviewed fish population reports, the best economic models and input from North Carolina scientists. 

Our coalition is growing, and legislators will hear our voices in 2017. Sign up today to stay up-to-date and informed on opportunities to make a difference.